How does zeolite work?

The adsorptive effect of zeolites and the release of the organism from harmful substances have already been described, thus enhancing the human immune system. Zeolite is also useful as an antioxidant because it prevents it the negative effect of free radicals on cells. Free radicals are produced by action stress, pollution, radiation, these are unstable molecules that react with others molecules to become stable. In this reaction, the attacked molecule becomes unstable, ie. itself becomes a free radical and attacks other stable molecules in cells. On that one
the way cell damage occurs and the occurrence of a gene mutation, the formation of carcinogens cells, damage to the blood vessels and ultimately develop diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and other organs. Zeolite is used for adsorption of pathogenic bacterial toxins, microtoxins and other impurities that may lead to disease of the body. Zeolite is used to improve general health and immunity, reduces blood sugar levels and the consequent omplications of diabetes, reduces blood vessel damage, in atherosclerosis by lowering concentration cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries. Especially is effective in poisoning and liver disease. Zeolites capture into their crystalline structure gases and odors as well as positively charged ions because the zeolite in the water itself gets negative charge.

There are different types of commercial zeolite based products with different uses. Because zeolites have the ability to adopt positively charged ions, they are used for water purification, for softening of heavy water, in agriculture – in animal feed for increase in yield, in crop nutrition, in construction … See what it says on the pack of laundry powder and you will see that it contains zeolite as well. Not every zeolite suitable for human use only zeolites with a high percentage of minerals are used clinoptilotite. High quality zeolite ore to make it useful for human use must be activated and stored in active state until first opened for use.

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