Nature and action

What is a zeolite?

Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as adsorbents (have the ability to add some substance to their structure). The very structure of the zeolite is porous and in the course of natural processing – creation, it “adopted” from the earth appropriately trace elements (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) with the ability to process them exchange detoxification with contaminants from the body.

Natural zeolite was created in ancient times, when volcanic rocks and ash came in contact with alkaline groundwater. The natural zeolite itself has no beneficial properties until it is technologically processed, ie. micronized, heat treated, sterilized and hermetically stored so that it can be used for both human and other purposes (animal nutrition, land improvement, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment).

For human use, the only zeolite allowed is clinoptilolite, which is rich in composition minerals, sodium or calcium aluminosilicate.

In the mechanical activation process, the zeolite is ground to a micron size, thus increasing its active surface, i.e. its adsorption capacity is increased and ion exchange ability. To put it bluntly, clinoptilolite looks like the honeycomb of a honeycomb negative charge gives the ability to bind, i.e. exchanges of the associated positive ions of trace elements with ions of toxic metals and ions of other harmful substances from the middle who wants to be purified.

Zeolite is excreted in pathogens and urine in 3-5 hours with bound pathogens. HOMOZEL is made from natural zeolite ore extracted from the Slanci Mine.
By chemical composition it belongs to the group of the most qualitative zeolites clinoptilolite. A special grinding and sieving process produces the finest powder product, the mineral light yellow in color with a large active surface. Heat treatment, potential the resting energy of the zeolite molecule is brought to a level of high adsorption power with approx 160 negatively polarized ions that are capable of attracting ion exchange processes those harmful substances in the human body that have a positive charge. Picturesque in other words, zeolite as a magnet attracts, binds and removes harmful substances from the body. Because these natural blessings in the world are often called the stone of life and God’s gift of nature.

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