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– The most powerful natural mineral – daily use helps to cleanse the body of harmful substances.
– It helps to preserve health, a healthy person has many desires and only one is ill.
– The best advertisement for zeolite is our satisfied customers who gladly recommend it to family and friends.

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– Helps the immune system.
– Good immunity preserves health.
– With the fall of the immune system, health problems arise.
– The immune system needs to be taken care of and preventively assisted.
HOMOZEL has proven and proven that it can help the immune system.


Way of use


Spoon 1 teaspoon (flat filled 1 gr.) Of ZEOLITE into 2 dl of water and fill up with all the zeolite to the bottom of the glass.
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– Healthy: Preventative 2 times a day.
– With health problems: (3 to 5) times a day.


Sprinkling ZEOLITE powder and rubbing, helps with various skin diseases.


Disinfects wounds and helps heal quickly. Apply a layer of ZEOLITE powder to open wounds and dress as needed
by appropriate bandage to preserve the powder in the wound-cut site. After one to two days it should
remove the bandage, clean the wound and re-dust the zeolite. For the next few days, the wound heals.


Zeolite structure


It is certified for human use by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia

and is entered in the database under No.6623 / 18.03 2015.

It is protected under the name HOMOZEL at the Intellectual Property Office

Of the Republic of Serbia under No.65664 to 25.01 2023

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